Sharkwater Extinction Reviews

★★★★ – National Post    ★★★★ – Montreal Gazette     ★★★★ – Vancouver Sun
★★★★ – Ottawa Citizen    ★★★★ – Calgary Herald    ★★★★ – Edmonton Journal

“A remarkable film editing job by Nick Hector”- POV

“Rob Stewart’s final masterpiece”- Toronto Life

“One last great act of environmental heroism”- The Globe and Mail

“A work of galvanizing activism rendered with heart and soul”- TIFF

“Amazing, majestic, beautiful…this film might be even more powerful than the first”- Vice

“A solid journalistic work that honours the man who made it”- NOW magazine

“The late Rob Stewart’s third film is also his best, adding urgency to the planetary concerns of his earlier films Sharkwater and Revolution with scenes of marine-life genocide that could make you weep tears of rage”. – Toronto Star

“A beautiful film from a beautiful soul”. –  Alessandra Cannito, director of programming at Planet in Focus Film Festival

“A moving and lasting tribute to Stewart’s drive and determination… Some of Stewart’s strongest and most poignant work”. – The Gate