“The Man Who Stole Einstein’s Brain” Debuts as a HotDocs Special Presentation

The Man Who Stole Einstein’s Brain tells the little-known and bizarre story of the chief pathologist of Princeton Hospital who steals the brain from Albert Einstein’s corpse while performing the autopsy on the world’s most famous scientist. After cutting the brain into 240 pieces, Dr. Thomas Harvey. spends the next half century hiding it in basements, car trunks, and cardboard boxes, while his personal and professional lives crumble. HotDocs is North America’s largest doc fest.

“The Perfect Story” Nominated for a Canadian Screen Award

The Perfect Story has been nominated for Best Documentary at this year’s CSA Awards. This feature documentary offers a riveting, intimate look at the ethical and moral challenges sparked by the relationship between a foreign correspondent and a young Somali refugee. By revealing the boundaries of journalism and filmmaking, the film questions what stories are told, why, and who gets to tell them.

“The Perfect Story” Premieres at the Calgary International Film Festival

The Perfect Story is a heart-wrenching and provocative look at journalism, belonging, the stories we tell, and who gets to tell them. The film follows the decade-long relationship between Canadian journalist Michelle Shephard and Ismael Abdulle, a young Somali refugee who had his hand and foot cut off by the terrorist group al-Shabab. Their story begins in 2010, when they met during one of Michelle’s reporting trips to Mogadishu for the Toronto Star. Her articles about Ismael sparked a movement within the Somali diaspora that helped him escape Mogadishu and find refuge in Harstad, Norway, 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. For nearly a decade, Ismael embraced his new home, learning to speak Norwegian fluently and attempting to adapt to his new country. When Ismael goes back to Mogadishu, an unexpected turn of events forces Michelle to defy one of journalism’s golden rules—“report the story, don’t become part of it”—and makes her question her role as a storyteller.

“a heart-wrenching and provocative look at journalism” – canada.ca