DOC Institute Masterclass



The DOC Institute presents a Masterclass with editor Nick Hector, Tuesday November 23rd at 7pm at Camera Bar 1028 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1H6

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Turning Chaos into Story

“I’ve come to see the editing room as a place where dreamers, artists and visionaries attempt to reverse the laws of thermodynamics, wrestling film chaos into order.” – Nick Hector

As a frequent collaborator of preeminent documentarians such as Allan King, Yvan Patry, and Sturla Gunnarsson, award-winning producer/editor Nick Hector brings a unique approach and powerful sense of story to the edit suite. His working notes, journals, and anecdotes offer an essential, behind-the-scenes view into the messy, complicated creation of some of the seminal films in the documentary canon.

With 30 years of editing and more than 100 films under his belt, Nick’s Master Class will take us through the beats of a film’s life cycle, including putting on the director’s glasses, playing the role of “first audience” and revealing the story’s spine through a careful reduction process. Using practical advice, editing theory, war stories, and personal journal excerpts, Nick Hector will give a fascinating look at his working process with some of Canada’s visionary filmmakers – each with vastly different styles, approaches, and sensibilities.

Don’t miss this rare look into the mind and process of an editing master.

The Master Class will be moderated by award-winning filmmaker, journalist and author Sun-Kyung Yi.


CCE Appoints a New Board


A big thank you to everyone who stood for CCE elections this year.  We would also like to thank the existing board members.  Chris Mutton, Matt Lyon, Gordon Burkell, Nina Helene Hirten, Alan Collins and Jorelle Miranda, without your constant support, effort and dedication the CCE couldn’t succeed.  

 We would now like to introduce the board for 2016-2018

Kelly Morris, CCE – President

Dino Harambasic – Vice President

Stephen Philipson, CCE – Treasurer

Nick Hector, CCE – Education Advisor

Bryan Atkinson – Events Co-ordinator

Jonathan Dowler – Social Media and Communications

Prith Singh – Secretary

Sarah Taylor – Web Administrator

Thor Henrikson – National Membership Liaison

“How to Prepare for Prison” Plays Calgary IFF


Matt Galllagher’s new doc How to Prepare for Prison will be playing this year’s CIFF.

Screening dates:

Saturday, September 24, 7:30 pm  at  CINEPLEX EAU CLAIRE 2

Tuesday, September 27, 4:30 PM at CINEPLEX EAU CLAIRE 2

Director Matt Gallagher and producer Cornelia Principe will be in attendance.


HotDocs 2016 to premiere “How to Prepare for Prison”


I’m proud to announce that Matt Gallagher’s How to Prepare for Prison will make its debut at this year’s HotDocs International Documentary Film Festival.  This will mark my 15th film at HotDocs. Congrats to Border City Pictures.


Friday, Apr 29 6:00 PM Scotiabank Theatre, Cinema 3

Saturday, Apr 30 10:15 AM Isabel Bader Theatre

Sunday, May 8 3:30 PM Isabel Bader Theatre