Sharkwater Extinction
Rob Stewart  • D Films •  Canada  •  2018

Official Selection: Toronto International Film Festival. Vancouver International Film Festival.  Napa Valley Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival.Tahoe Film Festival. Fort Lauderdale Film Festival. Bahamas International Film Festival.Byron Bay Film Festival (Australia).FICMA Barcelona (Spain). Transition Town Film Festival (Totnes, UK). Cine vert et bleu (Metz, France). Black Nights (Tallin, Estonia). Planet in Focus. Calgary International Film Festival. Cinéfest. Windsor International Film Festival. Festival du nouveau cinéma.

Winner: Best Environmental Film – Byron Bay Film Festival
Winner: Best Documentary – Fort Lauderdale Film Festival
Winner: Courageous Filmmaking Award – Napa Valley Film Festival
Nominated: Best Documentary Editing – Directors Guild of Canada

★★★★★ – Showtimes
★★★★ – National Post
★★★★ – Montreal Gazette
★★★★ – Vancouver Sun
★★★★ – Ottawa Citizen
★★★★ – Calgary Herald
★★★★ – Edmonton Journal

“A remarkable film editing job by Nick Hector”- POV

“Kudos to the remarkable Nick Hector, well and heroically done.” – Linden MacIntyre

“A masterpiece… the most moving film I have seen in eons.” – FLIFF president Gregory von Hausch

“Rob Stewart’s final masterpiece”- Toronto Life

“A beautiful film from a beautiful soul”- Planet in Focus

“One last great act of environmental heroism”- The Globe and Mail

“A moving and lasting tribute to Stewart’s drive and determination”- The Gate

“A work of galvanizing activism rendered with heart and soul”- TIFF

“Amazing, majestic, beautiful…this film might be even more powerful than the first”- Vice

“The late Rob Stewart’s third film is also his best”- Toronto Star

“A solid journalistic work that honours the man who made it”- NOW magazine





Canada in a Day
Trish Dolman  • Screen Siren •  Canada  •  2017

Winner: Canadian Screen Awards – Best Documentary Editing









Chanda Chevannes  • People’s Picture Company  •  Canada  •  2017

Official Selection: DOC NYC, Planet in Focus,  One Earth Film Festival
Winner: Best Canadian Feature – Planet in Focus
Winner: Best Feature – EarthxFilm, Texas
Nominated: Best Documentary Editing – Directors Guild of Canada










How to Prepare for Prison
Matt Gallagher  • Border City Pictures  •  Canada  •  2016

Official Selection: Hot Docs
Nominated: Canadian Cinema Editors – Best Documentary Editing

★★★★ – NOW Magazine

“poignant, pointed, and impassioned” – Toronto Film Society

“an emotionally charged documentary from start to finish…a must-see” – Digital Journal


This Changes Everything
Avi Lewis  • Louverture Films  •  USA  •  2015

Official Selection: Toronto, Vancouver, RIDM, IDFA, DOX
Audience Choice Award – Cinema Politica
Nominated: Directors Guild of Canada – Best Documentary Editing

“A purposefully unsettling but ultimately encouraging documentary about global warming and grassroots activism…’This Changes Everything’ is genuinely stirring.” – Variety

“Klein’s message feels as urgent as ever…she is really good at making radical arguments like this one terrifically accessible.” – New Republic

“a glorious anti-capitalist analysis of why climate change persists and what we can do about it. ” – NOW Magazine

“Genuinely moving” –  Entertainment Weekly

“The realization that a solution is possible, well, that changes everything” – Globe & Mail

“Klein and Lewis paint a picture of a post-fossil-fueled, post-capitalist future that seems not only within reach, but like a place where we actually want to live” – YES Magazine

“Klein and those impassioned protesters provide something that has been in short supply in the predecessors — namely, a modicum of hope for the future” –  LA Times


Sturla Gunnarsson  •  Arte, CBC  •  Canada/France  •  2014

Official Selection: Toronto, Smithsonian, Copenhagen, Palm Springs, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary

Top Ten Canadian Film – TIFF
Audience Award – TIFF Top Ten Festival
Winner – Polly Krakora Award for Artistry in Film – Washington DC
Nominated: Directors Guild of Canada – Allan King Award for Excellence in Documentary
Nominated: Canadian Cinema Editors – Best Documentary Editing

“An awestruck homage” – POV Magazine
“Monsoon paints a brash, beautiful portrait of India and its storms.” – Twitch Film
“Open your umbrellas for the grandeur and destruction of the monsoon as it sweeps across India…” – Hollywood Reporter

Wiebo’s War
David York  •  National Film Board / 52 Media  •  Canada  •  2011

Official Selection: HotDocs, Silverdocs, Sheffield, Vancouver, Halifax, Cinefest, Calgary, Thessaloniki, Tel Aviv, Cork, RIDM, Guth Gafa

Nominated: Canadian Cinema Editors – Best Documentary Editing
Nominated: Best Feature Documentary 2012 Genie Awards
Nominated: Sheffield Green Award
Hot Docs Best Canadian Feature – Honourable Mention
RIDM – Honourable Mention

★★★★★  Top Ten Film of 2011 and Top Ten Festival Pick
“Has everything a great doc needs… a superb story” – NOW Magazine

★★★★ “A painstakingly etched portrait” – Eye Weekly

★★★★ Torontoist

★★★★ Katherine Monk, Postmedia

“Does what a great doc should do: it brings humanity to a cold and misunderstood set of headlines… a must see” – Moviefone

“It’s rare that a film hits you like a bomb and leaves your pre-conceived notions lying in a smouldering pile of rubble.” – Vancouver Metro Scene

Force of Nature
Sturla Gunnarsson  •  National Film Board  •  Canada  •  2010

Official Selection: Toronto, MoMA, Smithsonian, Vancouver, Calgary, Byron Bay, Washington

Winner 2011 DGC Awards: Allan King Award for Excellence in Documentary
Winner Best Documentary Editing – Canadian Cinema Editors
Winner Cadillac People’s Choice Documentary Award – TIFF
Winner International Award of Excellence – Canadian Media Awards
Winner Environmental Film Award – VIFF
Winner Best Film – Byron Bay, Australia
Winner Best Documentary Award – Cinéfest

“when the film ended I found myself crying tears of joy, of renewed hope in life.”
– E. Nina Rothe, Huffington Post

★★★★ “Enlightening, beautifully crafted and heartfelt” – Bruce Kirkland, Toronto Sun

★★★★  “this documentary about his life could be the most persuasive argument yet that saving the environment is the most critical fight for human rights occurring today.”
– Guy Dixon, The Globe and Mail

★★★★ “This should have been the film that opened this year’s Toronto International Film Festival… Force of Nature is a masterful and important documentary of considerable magnitude, very much befitting its subject.”
– John Semley, Torontoist

★★★★ “Gunnarsson’s subject is smart, fascinating and articulate… Suzuki is compelling about everything, including the economic downturn and the meaning of a single breath.”
– Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine

★★★★ “simply fascinating” – Steve Gow, Metro Scene

“A love letter to the promises of science and the wonders of nature, Force of Nature
is also a damning condemnation of greed, racism and short-sighted development.”
– Devon Scoble, inMovies

Experimental Eskimos
Barry Greenwald  •  White Pine Pictures  •  Canada  •  2009

Official Selection: HotDocs, Yorkton, DOXA, Dreamspeakers, Cinema Politica, Leipzig, Ambulante (Mexico)

Winner 2010 DGC Awards: Allan King Award for Excellence in Documentary
Winner NFB Kathleen Shannon Award – Yorkton Film Festival
Winner Best Documentary – Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival

Air India 182
Sturla Gunnarsson  •  52 Media  •  Canada  •  2008

Selected as Opening Film HotDocs 2008

Winner 2009 Gemini Awards: Best Documentary Editing
Nominated  2009 Gemini Awards: Best Documentary
Winner 2009 DGC Awards: Allan King Award for Excellence in Documentary

“so gripping and suspenseful in its retelling of a large-scale tragedy that it frequently seems like a tautly written drama instead of grim reality.” – Canadian Press

“an incisive and poignant film that is perhaps needed now more than ever… among the most important documentaries of the past few years” – CBC Radio One

“brilliantly crafted…a classic of its genre and an important page in Canadian history”
– Bruce Kirkland, Toronto Sun

“may be the finest and most important film of (Gunnarsson’s) career. It pushes the frontiers of non-fiction with a veracity and power on a par with movies like United 93, A Mighty Heart and Standard Operating Procedure…  It’s good to be reminded of the power a cinematic documentary” – Brian D. Johnson, Macleans

“Top Ten HotDocs films guaranteed to knock your socks off” – National Post

The Rise and Fall of the Grumpy Burger
Matt Gallagher  •  Border City Pictures  •  Canada  •  2007

Official Selection HotDocs , Cinematheque Ontario

“Matt Gallagher’s very funny portrait of a filmmaker pal seems tailor-made for cult status.”  – Eye Weekly

“ a sly romp.  A doc like this one can bring a man to vivid life but that does not mean it has to be serious”
– Bruce Kirkland, Toronto Sun

“remarkable… a cinematic Portrait of the Artist as no Longer Young Filmmaker”
– Phillip Marchand, Toronto Star

“Top Ten HotDocs films guaranteed to knock your socks off”   – National Post

EMPz 4 Life
Allan King  •  Allan King Associates  •  Canada  •  2006

Official Selection: Toronto (Masters), MoMA, Leipzig

★★★★★ “King works his omniscient magic again” –  Eye Weekly

★★★★  “powerful” – NOW Magazine

★★★★  “expertly assembled” – National Post

“vital viewing” – Globe and Mail

Nominated – Best Documentary – 2007 Geminis
Nominated – Best Documentary Production Team – DGC

“remarkable…powerful…riveting” – Andy Barrie, CBC Radio One

“King at the top of his game” – Variety

31st TIFF Top Films
“walks a razor’s edge straight through the middle of his subject ”
– Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star

15 TIFF Movies You Must See
“King’s remarkable oeuvre is only improved by his latest wrenching documentary”
– Toronto Life

Top Ten of TIFF – Movie Entertainment Magazine

Actuality: The Art and Life of Allan King
John Haslett Cuff  •  TVOntario, Sundance  •   Canada  •  2006

Official Selection: Hot Docs

★★★★ “the irony in making a film about a documentary film genius is that you are unlikely to be as skilled as your subject. Cuff comes close.”   – Eye Magazine

★★★  “commanding and comprehensive without ever being overbearing – this film is a pleasure”  – NOW

“an elegantly structured and inspirational biography” – HOTDOCS

Memory for Max, Claire Ida and Company
Allan King  •  TVOntario, Criterion  •  Canada  •  2005

Official Selection: Toronto (Masters), Berlin, Sydney, MoMA, Buenos Aires, Jerusalem, Palm Springs, Melbourne, Vancouver, Palm Beach

Top Ten Canadian Film of 2005 – Cinematheque Ontario
Finalist – Best Documentary – 2006 Geminis
Finalist – Best Documentary Editing – 2006 Geminis
Finalist – Best Documentary Sound – 2006 Geminis
Finalist – Best Documentary Production Team – DGC

★★★★  “A service to humanity”  – NOW Magazine

★★★★  – Eye Weekly

“deeply touching… yet another stunning achievement by one of the country’s foremost filmmakers” – Toronto Life

30th TIFF Top Ten Films
“Incredibly moving… as close as documentary can get to the truth”
– Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star

“gut-wrenching… astonishingly powerful and never preachy.  Unforgettable”
– Bruce Kirkland, Toronto Sun

“a superbly crafted documentary with impeccable sound”  – DOX

“one of Allan King’s finest films” – Marc Glassman, Classical 96.3 FM

Dying at Grace
Allan King  •  Allan King Associates  •  Canada  •  2003

Winner – Best Documentary Editing – 2004 Geminis
Winner – Best Documentary – 2004 Geminis
Best Documentary Production Team – Directors Guild of Canada Awards
Top Ten Canadian Film of 2003 – Cinematheque Ontario
Top Ten Canadian Film of All Time – Austrian Film Museum
Top Ten Canadian Film of All Time – Melbourne Film Festival

“one of the greatest films ever made in this country”
– Stacey Donan, Programmer, Toronto International Film Festival

“a masterpiece… Nick Hector has done yet another brilliant edit” – POV Magazine

★★★★★ 28th TIFF Top Five Films “magnificent” – Eye Weekly

★★★★★ “Thought provoking and emotionally draining. Unforgettable”
– Tandem News

★★★★  Tied for favourite film of 28th TIFF
“One of the most powerful Canadian documentaries in a long time“
– Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail

Tied for favourite film of 28th TIFF
“A major work. A profoundly humane, wrenchingly beautiful testament.”
– Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star

Min Sook Lee  •  ESL  •  Canada  •  2004

Winner Best Canadian Feature: 2004 Hot Docs International Festival

Inside Information: Stories from the War Zone
Steven Silver  •  CBC  •  Canada  •  2002

Finalist – Best Documentary Editing – 2003 Geminis

Crimes of the Heart
John Haslett Cuff  •  CBC  •  Canada  •  2003

Official Selection – INPUT Barcelona

“searing, seething… powerful” – The Globe and Mail

El Chogui
Felix Zurita  •  Alba Film  •  Canada / Switzerland  •  2002

Best Documentary: “Contra el Silencio todas las Voces” Mexico
Best Independent Film: “La Festival Medias Nord-Sud” Switzerland
Best Documentary: “Los Angeles Latino Film Festival”
Best of the Festival: “San Francisco Latino Film Festival”
Special Jury Prize: “LaCinemafe Film Festival” New York

Hand of Fate
Scott Morgan  •  Mountain Air Films  •  USA  •  1999

“Handsomely crafted… Errol Morris level mounting.
Editing is particularly clever and innovative” – Variety

“Extraordinary” – San Francisco Examiner

Dragon’s Egg
Allan King  •  TVO  •  Canada  •  1998

Finalist – Best Documentary Editing – 1999 Geminis
Finalist – Best Documentary – 1999 Geminis

Drowning in Dreams
Tim Southam  •  NFB  •  Canada  •  1997

Finalist Best Documentary – 1998 Genies

★★★★ “(the structure) recalls Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury” – Eye

★★★★ “stylistic rapture”  – Toronto Star

★★★★ “remarkable” – Windsor Star

“Rashomon like structure… fascinating and artful” – Montreal Hour

“artily intercut & strangely powerful” – Montreal Gazette

Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold
Yvan Patry and Daniele Lacourse  •  NFB  •  Canada  • 1996

Winner Best Documentary Editing – 1998 Geminis
Finalist Best Documentary Editing – 1998 Gemeaux
Winner Best of the Festival – 1998 Hot Docs International Festival
Winner Best Theatrical Film – 1998 Hot Docs International Festival
Winner Best Documentary Film – 1998 Chalmers Arts Awards
Ranked in top 10 feature films made internationally – 24 Images
Best Quebecois Film of 1996 – Cinemateque Quebecois

★★★★ “enormously powerful” – Now

★★★★ “raw and powerful”  – Eye

Hand of God
Yvan Patry  •  NFB  •  Canada  •  1995

Winner Best Editing – Hot Docs International Festival

Winds of Memory
Felix Zurita  •  Channel 4 UK  •  UK  •  1992

Special Jury Prize, Best Human Rights Film, 1992 Festival of the Americas
Coral 1992 Havana International Film Festival
Best Documentary 1993 Festival Cine-Iberamerican, Huelva, Spain

“clever cutting… carries you away with imagery and emotion” – The Times

“a deep portrait done with a master hand” – Eduardo Galeano

Night and Silence
Yvan Patry  •  TVO  •  Canada  •  1990

Finalist – Best Documentary Editing – 1991 Gémeaux
Canadian Association of Journalists – Best Television Reportage
Canadian Association of Journalists – Best Reportage in any Media

Forbidden Land
Danièle Lacourse  •  TVO  •  Canada  •  1989

Jury Prize Nyon International Documentary Film Festival
Blue Ribbon American Film & Video Festival