Canada in a Day
Trish Dolman  • Screen Siren •  Canada  •  2017

Winner: Canadian Screen Awards – Best Documentary Editing









Chanda Chevannes  • People’s Picture Company  •  Canada  •  2017

Official Selection: DOC NYC, Planet in Focus,  One Earth Film Festival
Winner: Best Canadian Feature, Planet in Focus










How to Prepare for Prison
Matt Gallagher  • Border City Pictures  •  Canada  •  2016

Official Selection: Hot Docs
Nominated: Canadian Cinema Editors – Best Documentary Editing

★★★★ – NOW Magazine

“poignant, pointed, and impassioned” – Toronto Film Society

“an emotionally charged documentary from start to finish…a must-see” – Digital Journal


This Changes Everything
Avi Lewis  • Louverture Films  •  USA  •  2015

Official Selection: Toronto, Vancouver, RIDM, IDFA, DOX
Audience Choice Award – Cinema Politica
Nominated: Directors Guild of Canada – Best Documentary Editing

“A purposefully unsettling but ultimately encouraging documentary about global warming and grassroots activism…’This Changes Everything’ is genuinely stirring.” – Variety

“Klein’s message feels as urgent as ever…she is really good at making radical arguments like this one terrifically accessible.” – New Republic

“a glorious anti-capitalist analysis of why climate change persists and what we can do about it. ” – NOW Magazine

“Genuinely moving” –  Entertainment Weekly

“The realization that a solution is possible, well, that changes everything” – Globe & Mail

“Klein and Lewis paint a picture of a post-fossil-fueled, post-capitalist future that seems not only within reach, but like a place where we actually want to live” – YES Magazine

“Klein and those impassioned protesters provide something that has been in short supply in the predecessors — namely, a modicum of hope for the future” –  LA Times


Sturla Gunnarsson  •  Arte, CBC  •  Canada/France  •  2014

Official Selection: Toronto, Smithsonian, Copenhagen, Palm Springs, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary

Top Ten Canadian Film – TIFF
Audience Award – TIFF Top Ten Festival
Winner – Polly Krakora Award for Artistry in Film – Washington DC
Nominated: Directors Guild of Canada – Allan King Award for Excellence in Documentary
Nominated: Canadian Cinema Editors – Best Documentary Editing

“An awestruck homage” – POV Magazine
“Monsoon paints a brash, beautiful portrait of India and its storms.” – Twitch Film
“Open your umbrellas for the grandeur and destruction of the monsoon as it sweeps across India…” – Hollywood Reporter

Wiebo’s War
David York  •  National Film Board / 52 Media  •  Canada  •  2011

Official Selection: HotDocs, Silverdocs, Sheffield, Vancouver, Halifax, Cinefest, Calgary, Thessaloniki, Tel Aviv, Cork, RIDM, Guth Gafa

Nominated: Canadian Cinema Editors – Best Documentary Editing
Nominated: Best Feature Documentary 2012 Genie Awards
Nominated: Sheffield Green Award
Hot Docs Best Canadian Feature – Honourable Mention
RIDM – Honourable Mention

★★★★★  Top Ten Film of 2011 and Top Ten Festival Pick
“Has everything a great doc needs… a superb story” – NOW Magazine

★★★★ “A painstakingly etched portrait” – Eye Weekly

★★★★ Torontoist

★★★★ Katherine Monk, Postmedia

“Does what a great doc should do: it brings humanity to a cold and misunderstood set of headlines… a must see” – Moviefone

“It’s rare that a film hits you like a bomb and leaves your pre-conceived notions lying in a smouldering pile of rubble.” – Vancouver Metro Scene

Force of Nature
Sturla Gunnarsson  •  National Film Board  •  Canada  •  2010

Official Selection: Toronto, MoMA, Smithsonian, Vancouver, Calgary, Byron Bay, Washington

Winner 2011 DGC Awards: Allan King Award for Excellence in Documentary
Winner Best Documentary Editing – Canadian Cinema Editors
Winner Cadillac People’s Choice Documentary Award – TIFF
Winner International Award of Excellence – Canadian Media Awards
Winner Environmental Film Award – VIFF
Winner Best Film – Byron Bay, Australia
Winner Best Documentary Award – Cinéfest

“when the film ended I found myself crying tears of joy, of renewed hope in life.”
– E. Nina Rothe, Huffington Post

★★★★ “Enlightening, beautifully crafted and heartfelt” – Bruce Kirkland, Toronto Sun

★★★★  “this documentary about his life could be the most persuasive argument yet that saving the environment is the most critical fight for human rights occurring today.”
– Guy Dixon, The Globe and Mail

★★★★ “This should have been the film that opened this year’s Toronto International Film Festival… Force of Nature is a masterful and important documentary of considerable magnitude, very much befitting its subject.”
– John Semley, Torontoist

★★★★ “Gunnarsson’s subject is smart, fascinating and articulate… Suzuki is compelling about everything, including the economic downturn and the meaning of a single breath.”
– Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine

★★★★ “simply fascinating” – Steve Gow, Metro Scene

“A love letter to the promises of science and the wonders of nature, Force of Nature
is also a damning condemnation of greed, racism and short-sighted development.”
– Devon Scoble, inMovies

Experimental Eskimos
Barry Greenwald  •  White Pine Pictures  •  Canada  •  2009

Official Selection: HotDocs, Yorkton, DOXA, Dreamspeakers, Cinema Politica, Leipzig, Ambulante (Mexico)

Winner 2010 DGC Awards: Allan King Award for Excellence in Documentary
Winner NFB Kathleen Shannon Award – Yorkton Film Festival
Winner Best Documentary – Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival

Air India 182
Sturla Gunnarsson  •  52 Media  •  Canada  •  2008

Selected as Opening Film HotDocs 2008

Winner 2009 Gemini Awards: Best Documentary Editing
Nominated  2009 Gemini Awards: Best Documentary
Winner 2009 DGC Awards: Allan King Award for Excellence in Documentary

“so gripping and suspenseful in its retelling of a large-scale tragedy that it frequently seems like a tautly written drama instead of grim reality.” – Canadian Press

“an incisive and poignant film that is perhaps needed now more than ever… among the most important documentaries of the past few years” – CBC Radio One

“brilliantly crafted…a classic of its genre and an important page in Canadian history”
– Bruce Kirkland, Toronto Sun

“may be the finest and most important film of (Gunnarsson’s) career. It pushes the frontiers of non-fiction with a veracity and power on a par with movies like United 93, A Mighty Heart and Standard Operating Procedure…  It’s good to be reminded of the power a cinematic documentary” – Brian D. Johnson, Macleans

“Top Ten HotDocs films guaranteed to knock your socks off” – National Post

The Rise and Fall of the Grumpy Burger
Matt Gallagher  •  Border City Pictures  •  Canada  •  2007

Official Selection HotDocs , Cinematheque Ontario

“Matt Gallagher’s very funny portrait of a filmmaker pal seems tailor-made for cult status.”  – Eye Weekly

“ a sly romp.  A doc like this one can bring a man to vivid life but that does not mean it has to be serious”
– Bruce Kirkland, Toronto Sun

“remarkable… a cinematic Portrait of the Artist as no Longer Young Filmmaker”
– Phillip Marchand, Toronto Star

“Top Ten HotDocs films guaranteed to knock your socks off”   – National Post

EMPz 4 Life
Allan King  •  Allan King Associates  •  Canada  •  2006

Official Selection: Toronto (Masters), MoMA, Leipzig

★★★★★ “King works his omniscient magic again” –  Eye Weekly

★★★★  “powerful” – NOW Magazine

★★★★  “expertly assembled” – National Post

“vital viewing” – Globe and Mail

Nominated – Best Documentary – 2007 Geminis
Nominated – Best Documentary Production Team – DGC

“remarkable…powerful…riveting” – Andy Barrie, CBC Radio One

“King at the top of his game” – Variety

31st TIFF Top Films
“walks a razor’s edge straight through the middle of his subject ”
– Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star

15 TIFF Movies You Must See
“King’s remarkable oeuvre is only improved by his latest wrenching documentary”
– Toronto Life

Top Ten of TIFF – Movie Entertainment Magazine

Actuality: The Art and Life of Allan King
John Haslett Cuff  •  TVOntario, Sundance  •   Canada  •  2006

Official Selection: Hot Docs

★★★★ “the irony in making a film about a documentary film genius is that you are unlikely to be as skilled as your subject. Cuff comes close.”   – Eye Magazine

★★★  “commanding and comprehensive without ever being overbearing – this film is a pleasure”  – NOW

“an elegantly structured and inspirational biography” – HOTDOCS

Memory for Max, Claire Ida and Company
Allan King  •  TVOntario, Criterion  •  Canada  •  2005

Official Selection: Toronto (Masters), Berlin, Sydney, MoMA, Buenos Aires, Jerusalem, Palm Springs, Melbourne, Vancouver, Palm Beach

Top Ten Canadian Film of 2005 – Cinematheque Ontario
Finalist – Best Documentary – 2006 Geminis
Finalist – Best Documentary Editing – 2006 Geminis
Finalist – Best Documentary Sound – 2006 Geminis
Finalist – Best Documentary Production Team – DGC

★★★★  “A service to humanity”  – NOW Magazine

★★★★  – Eye Weekly

“deeply touching… yet another stunning achievement by one of the country’s foremost filmmakers” – Toronto Life

30th TIFF Top Ten Films
“Incredibly moving… as close as documentary can get to the truth”
– Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star

“gut-wrenching… astonishingly powerful and never preachy.  Unforgettable”
– Bruce Kirkland, Toronto Sun

“a superbly crafted documentary with impeccable sound”  – DOX

“one of Allan King’s finest films” – Marc Glassman, Classical 96.3 FM

Dying at Grace
Allan King  •  Allan King Associates  •  Canada  •  2003

Winner – Best Documentary Editing – 2004 Geminis
Winner – Best Documentary – 2004 Geminis
Best Documentary Production Team – Directors Guild of Canada Awards
Top Ten Canadian Film of 2003 – Cinematheque Ontario
Top Ten Canadian Film of All Time – Austrian Film Museum
Top Ten Canadian Film of All Time – Melbourne Film Festival

“one of the greatest films ever made in this country”
– Stacey Donan, Programmer, Toronto International Film Festival

“a masterpiece… Nick Hector has done yet another brilliant edit” – POV Magazine

★★★★★ 28th TIFF Top Five Films “magnificent” – Eye Weekly

★★★★★ “Thought provoking and emotionally draining. Unforgettable”
– Tandem News

★★★★  Tied for favourite film of 28th TIFF
“One of the most powerful Canadian documentaries in a long time“
– Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail

Tied for favourite film of 28th TIFF
“A major work. A profoundly humane, wrenchingly beautiful testament.”
– Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star

Min Sook Lee  •  ESL  •  Canada  •  2004

Winner Best Canadian Feature: 2004 Hot Docs International Festival

Inside Information: Stories from the War Zone
Steven Silver  •  CBC  •  Canada  •  2002

Finalist – Best Documentary Editing – 2003 Geminis

Crimes of the Heart
John Haslett Cuff  •  CBC  •  Canada  •  2003

Official Selection – INPUT Barcelona

“searing, seething… powerful” – The Globe and Mail

El Chogui
Felix Zurita  •  Alba Film  •  Canada / Switzerland  •  2002

Best Documentary: “Contra el Silencio todas las Voces” Mexico
Best Independent Film: “La Festival Medias Nord-Sud” Switzerland
Best Documentary: “Los Angeles Latino Film Festival”
Best of the Festival: “San Francisco Latino Film Festival”
Special Jury Prize: “LaCinemafe Film Festival” New York

Hand of Fate
Scott Morgan  •  Mountain Air Films  •  USA  •  1999

“Handsomely crafted… Errol Morris level mounting.
Editing is particularly clever and innovative” – Variety

“Extraordinary” – San Francisco Examiner

Dragon’s Egg
Allan King  •  TVO  •  Canada  •  1998

Finalist – Best Documentary Editing – 1999 Geminis
Finalist – Best Documentary – 1999 Geminis

Drowning in Dreams
Tim Southam  •  NFB  •  Canada  •  1997

Finalist Best Documentary – 1998 Genies

★★★★ “(the structure) recalls Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury” – Eye

★★★★ “stylistic rapture”  – Toronto Star

★★★★ “remarkable” – Windsor Star

“Rashomon like structure… fascinating and artful” – Montreal Hour

“artily intercut & strangely powerful” – Montreal Gazette

Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold
Yvan Patry and Daniele Lacourse  •  NFB  •  Canada  • 1996

Winner Best Documentary Editing – 1998 Geminis
Finalist Best Documentary Editing – 1998 Gemeaux
Winner Best of the Festival – 1998 Hot Docs International Festival
Winner Best Theatrical Film – 1998 Hot Docs International Festival
Winner Best Documentary Film – 1998 Chalmers Arts Awards
Ranked in top 10 feature films made internationally – 24 Images
Best Quebecois Film of 1996 – Cinemateque Quebecois

★★★★ “enormously powerful” – Now

★★★★ “raw and powerful”  – Eye

Hand of God
Yvan Patry  •  NFB  •  Canada  •  1995

Winner Best Editing – Hot Docs International Festival

Winds of Memory
Felix Zurita  •  Channel 4 UK  •  UK  •  1992

Special Jury Prize, Best Human Rights Film, 1992 Festival of the Americas
Coral 1992 Havana International Film Festival
Best Documentary 1993 Festival Cine-Iberamerican, Huelva, Spain

“clever cutting… carries you away with imagery and emotion” – The Times

“a deep portrait done with a master hand” – Eduardo Galeano

Night and Silence
Yvan Patry  •  TVO  •  Canada  •  1990

Finalist – Best Documentary Editing – 1991 Gémeaux
Canadian Association of Journalists – Best Television Reportage
Canadian Association of Journalists – Best Reportage in any Media

Forbidden Land
Danièle Lacourse  •  TVO  •  Canada  •  1989

Jury Prize Nyon International Documentary Film Festival
Blue Ribbon American Film & Video Festival